Portrait of a lady on fire Title Sequence
Personal Project  |  0'45"   |  1920*1080   |  2021
Design   |  Animation

‘’ Your presence was made up of fleeting moments that may lack truth.’’ said Marianne.

The flowers wither. The flame go out.The paintings be done...Everything come to an end eventually.So was the forbidden relationship.It was those fleeting moments that compose into reminiscence and lasts forever.

Vanitas is a common art genre in 17th century.With iconic visual elements fabrics,rocks,withered flowers.
The spirit of Vanitas,all is vanity,in line with the fleeting moments concept.Everything comes to an end.There are multiple meaningful gestures in the movie.Subtle.Smooth.Tender.With the gestures covered beneath veils & fabrics,creating a mysterious mood which the truth yet to be uncovered.

Before starting the movie, viewers receive subtle clue from the title sequence without knowing what the truth would be.However,by re watching ,viewers eventually discover the metaphors ,projecting the movie plot on each frame.


Design & Animation . @bb_hlw
Instructor . @mak.anais
Music . https://youtu.be/kGOWcyAaBwg

A piece from title sequence workshop.
So honored to be lectured and instructed by Anais Mak from Gobelins.
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