Graduation Project  |   1'30"   |  1920*1080   |  2021
Direction   |  Design   |  Animation
Sound Design  Dmitry Antonenko

It seems that the world turns out to be more complicated during the journey of growing up. Perhaps everything could return to simplicity, as simple as flipping over the toy bricks.
<Bricks> is inspired by a strong feeling of anxiety that everyone is likely to face especially during the crucial stage - on the eve of graduation.
During the journey, I discovered that the confusing thoughts of the past constantly collide and become indispensable experiences in the process of growing up. The breathtaking natural scenery brought me both intense and gentle tranquility. When the bricks are turned over, my mind can be changed as well. I feel calmness and warmth and reminisce about the simplicity and beauty of my childhood.
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