The MixC
Installation Animation  |   1'00"    |  2021
Styleframe Design 
Our life convergent when gathering in the MixC. It accelerates idea exchanges, transforms us, and connects us as an inclusive community. Hongqiao district is famous as the gateway to Shanghai given its geographical specialty in the lively and prosperous west of Shanghai. Located at the entrance to the MixC from the subway station, the eight screens displaying the Flow witness crowds of passengers every day. Therefore, the video installation curated by Shanghai landmark architectures aims to build a unique bind among commuters, enriching and rejuvenating their daily routines by blending in joys and hopes. At the same time, the Flow also depicts the fashion core and fascinating moments inside the MixC through large colorful blocks organized in geometrical composition and dynamic motions. These ever-changing graphics playfully shows fun and trends in swiftly transiting shots, tightly catching your eyes moment by moment. The Flow, above all, delivers the idea that the MixC is a significant city flow of diversity and inclusivity co-created by people from all walks. When passing by screens and exchanging ideas inside, we can feel the energetic urban aura and thoughtful subtleness, which will bring more possibilities to the exciting Shanghai lifestyle.

Client | The Mixc ShangHai
Production House |  Bito Studio
Creative Director | @kengming 劉耕名
Art Director |  @_banahsuan_ 
Designer  |  @bb_hlw 
Project Manager | Linda Lai 賴怡鈞
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